Published By: John Doe | 28 Apr 2021

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 80070057


QuickBooks error code 80070057 happens when the QuickBooks Accounts Manager creates the company file in QuickBooks 2014. When you try to access it, it doesn’t open. Every time you want to access the file within QuickBooks 2014, an error message displays that the file was created in the earlier version. When you double-click on the file, an error message shows error code 80070057, which is invalid. This type of error displays that the Manager is getting QuickBooks error code 80070057 while accessing the file. It also indicates that the Manager does not have enough rights to read/write and delete/create the Company file.

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Few Reasons for QuickBooks Error Code 80070057?

Various causes can display the error code 80070057. Many of these are related to the communication errors with the company files over a network on a different computer (Server or Host). One of the majorly known causes behind this error, the parameter is incorrect. Some causes are given below, and you can correct them quickly.

  • You always try to access the company file by double-pressing while opening the file from the QuickBooks desktop.
  • The device has some connectivity issues when you try to access a company file kept in some other folder
  • The third-party firewall is not applicable
  • The Antivirus accessed is Bit Defender that restricts uncommon ports when data accumulates between devices. QuickBooks Desktop uses a database server running on the host computer.
  • This database service communicates through ports 56728, 56727, and 56726, respectively. Bit Defender blocks these ports through the default system.

What Are the Troubleshooting Procedures to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 80070057?

Step – 1

  • First, place a fresh copy of the network data (. nd) configuration file in the company folder
  • Log out all the users and shut down QuickBooks on all computer
  • Sign in as Windows Administrator and browse to the company folder
  • Search for .nd that is linked to the company file having issues
  • Once you get the file, either rename or delete the file. The file is created automatically in both cases. Moreover, the QuickBooks network data file will capture new network settings to confirm accessibility on the workstations.

Step – 2

  • Access QuickBooks Database Server Manager on the server or the file hosting computer and rescan the company file folder
  • Search QuickBooks Database Server Manager in the Windows taskbar. Could you press on the icon to open it?
  • If you look at the company file folder, then select the Scan option or press Add folder
  • Now browse to the folder location and select the folder and click on it
  • Press Scan as advised in the previous step
  • The scan mainly reconfigures the QuickBooks File Sharing Permissions to access all QuickBooks Workstations and report the errors if Antivirus blocks the program.

After going with the above troubleshooting procedures, if you cannot remove QuickBooks error 80070057, you must call QuickBooks Helpline Number to rectify it.