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When it comes to managing the accounting and finances of a small and medium-sized business, nothing could be a better option than QuickBooks. QuickBooks accounting software helps users to make payments, create invoices, calculate profit and loss, keep track of expenses and bills, and perform several payroll functions. It works wonders for your business once you install it on your desktop. QuickBooks accounting software is a package that consists of a range of cloud-based applications and accounting tools developed to perform various financial and accounting tasks.

If you talk about QuickBooks Payroll, it is a subscription that you activate to avail the benefits of Payroll in your QuickBooks desktop. There are three different options, and those are Basic, Enhanced, and Assisted Payroll, it entirely relies on you that what features you require. The QuickBooks Payroll enables users to keep employees’ information organized, create paychecks, pay directly to their employees, fill federal forms, fill the latest state tax forms, send files directly to agencies in QuickBooks desktop, and whatnot. With the help of this feature, you do have the option of accessing QuickBooks Payroll on your phone using the Payroll mobile app. One of the most important features is that Payroll will send automatic reminders to you regarding paydays and tax deadlines. So if you want to activate the subscription of QuickBooks Payroll, you can have a word to word conversation with QuickBooks Payroll customer care number where the professionals are available round the clock to provide you with the most reliable help.

Brilliant Features of QuickBooks Payroll

With its exciting and mind-boggling features, QuickBooks Payroll is making the job of small and medium-sized business owners smooth. Let’s dive into the features to understand it better:

Payroll Updates

This updates comprises of latest and accurate calculation and rates for federal tax tables, payroll tax forms, e-file, supported state, and pay options.

Generates Paycheck

Produces paychecks that include automatic tax calculation too. You can handover them to your employees after printing them.

Direct Deposit

This option enables you to deposit the Payroll to the employee's bank account directly.


Through QuickBooks Workforce, website employees can get hold of their paycheck info at all 24 hours. They only have to sign in their Workforce account to see all the prior paycheck info.

Federal Forms

You can quickly fill all the federal forms including W-2, 1099/1096, 94x Forms and others. You can easily print the form and then can mail it to appropriate agencies.

State Forms

While using Enhanced Payroll software, you can quickly fill the latest State Tax form and even will guide in the processing of the form. Besides, you can stay in compliance with the regulation of State.

E-Pay and E-File

You also have the power to set the filing method to E-File for Federal and State Form. Even you can easily set the payment method to E-Pay for the scheduled payment of Federal and State Tax.

Workers’ Comp Payment Service

This service automatically pays the Workers Comp premium in every pay period, which depends on the actual payroll data.

Errors witnessed while using QuickBooks Payroll

Having user-friendly features does not mean that QuickBooks Payroll is free from glitches. Some issues require the attention of experts for solving them. You can quickly speak with the experts by dialling QuickBooks Customer Service Number, which stays available 24*7. Have a look at some of the most common hiccups of Payroll software:

  • QuickBooks Payroll error 30159.
  • Witnessing issues during sign up, activating and direct deposit in QB Desktop Payroll.
  • Unable to recover and change the forgotten password.
  • How to increase the limit of direct deposit?
  • Unable to set, edit as well as remove direct deposit for employees.
  • Issue while editing and deleting the payroll checks.
  • The occurrence of error 12031 due to poor internet connectivity.
  • Wrong settings of internet and firewall cause error 1229.
  • How to print the paystubs?
  • How to create a timesheet and date-time reports?
  • QuickBooks Payroll service Error.
  • Update Error PS036 in QuickBooks Payroll
  • Frequently asked questions

    Here is a list of common questions along with their solutions. These questions are listed in no order of priority but are some general queries faced by the users. In case you do not find any issue discussed here, then feel free to have a word with QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service.

    In case the users wish to request a direct deposit limit increase, then they can provide a limit up to which they can send any amount to the employee. To do this, follow the steps shared below

    • The users need to file a request to QuickBooks Payroll for increasing the limit
    • Ensure you do not miss out on any document
    • Your business request will be reviewed in 3-4 days (excluding holidays)
    • Once reviewed, the verification process will start after that
    • When verified, the direct deposit limit will increase.

    If you are new to this software and want to understand the procedure of maintaining Payroll in QuickBooks, then have a look at the steps shared below.

    • Open QuickBooks, and then click on ‘Employees’ tab at the left side of the menu.
    • Now, click on ‘Get set up’ button. This happens when you have purchased the payroll subscription.
    • Answer all the questions asked to you regarding the previous payrolls for completing the process.
    • Once done, you can now add your employees by clicking on ‘Add an employee.’
    • Enter all the details to complete the employee information.

    QuickBooks Payroll error 17377 when a user tries to download and install a payroll update. To fix this issue, execute the steps mentioned below.

    • You can configure the Internet Explorer’s SSL settings in the QuickBooks software.
    • One can also go forward to configure the SSL settings of Internet Explorer in the browser.

    This error is triggered due to the settings of Internet Explorer not configured properly for safe and secured websites.

    QuickBooks Payroll error 30159 occurs when the file setup of the Operating System of the computer is not correctly setup. It generally happens in the Windows OS. There are different solutions for fixing the error.

    • The users can update the system ( Admin Login>Programs>Accessories>System Restore>’Restore my computer to an earlier time’)
    • Another option available is scanning QuickBooks for error ( Install QB payroll error 30159 Utility>Scan>Fix errors)
    • Add EIN to the company file ( QuickBooks Login>Payroll>’Use my existing payroll service’>Account Maintenance>Add file> EIN.)

    In case you require further technical assistance, then do have a word with the experts at QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service.

    QuickBooks payroll customer service

    Even though QuickBooks Payroll is designed to provide customers with smooth user-experience, once in a while there may be some glitches that can cause several problems. However, thanks to the high-quality customer service available to all QuickBooks users, you do not need to worry about such technical errors. Let’s get to understand some of the benefits of contacting QuickBooks Payroll customer care number:

  • 24/7 availability of professionals
  • Well-qualified and experienced technicians
  • A detailed and authentic solution to fix any Payroll error
  • The service guarantees 100% of users’ satisfaction
  • Live chat feature makes sure that you get a quick response to clarify any queries related to the software
  • So, in case you come across any trouble, do not hesitate to call the toll-free number. These skilled and trained experts allow you to get the most reliable and trustworthy solutions to all the issues, which may be bothering you.